Hot Air Ballon

Why balloon ride?

Greeting the day with sunrise and discovering the magical formations of Cappadocia or the turquoise natural terraces of Pamukkale from above is an incredible experience that attracts everyone.

Why do the balloons go up so early in the morning?

In the morning there is little or no wind that allows the balloons to take off and land safely.

Is the hot air balloon ride safe?

Yes, the safest sky vehicle in the world is the hot air balloon. Meanwhile, ballooning companies are constantly controlled by the civil aeronautical authority. Despite this situation, we recommend you to obey the rules that your pilot will explain before going up.

How to dress for the balloon ride?

We recommend wearing T-shirts, pants made of flexible and thick material to raise the balloons very early in the day (it is 5 ° C in the middle in winter and 17 ° C in the middle in summer)

Cancellation policy of the balloon trip:

If you want the full amount to be refund, cancel at least 3 days before the date of the activity.



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